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Loser’s Game

Loser’s Game is one of the simplest and yet most difficult of strategy games. It is as quick as rock-scissor-paper and as easy to learn. But hard to master. And there is a twist. The loser will not only lose the game, he loses the bet as well. Because every challenge comes with a bet, either one you choose from the app or one you come up with yourself.

This is how it works:

  • Decide on a suitable bet, decide on a number of rounds and invite a Facebook friend to accept the challenge. 
  • Player number one hides a certain number of points in one of the shapes, by dragging the small circles down into one of them. The higher the score the higher the risk, but of course also the pay-back.
  • Player number two must then guess in what shape the points are hidden. You only get points if you guess the correct shape. No negative points are awarded.

Easy. But oh so hard. Welcome to the Loser’s Game.

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